Aniela Parys Designs es una línea de ropa, originalmente con sede en Portland, USA.

Recientemente se trasladó a Barcelona, España. Sus prendas se han estado vendiendo en tiendas locales por años y han participado en innumerables desfiles de moda locales.

Todas sus diseños están hechos a mano,  en su estudio en el barrio de El Raval,  Barcelona, con una calidad excepcional y una delicadeza y cuidado exquisito.

¿Queréis saber un poco más acerca de esta fantástica marca? Pues no os perdáis la siguiente entrevista que nos han concedido!

When was the brand created?

Aniela Parys Desings was born in 2010 in my home town, Eugene Oregon USA. I started by designing for local fashion shows and designing custom pieces for clients. I launched my ready to wear lingerie collection one year ago when I moved to Barcelona.

– Why did you decide to come to Barcelona?

I decided to have my base in Barcelona because I’ve always wanted to move country. When I came here I was traveling and didn’t really know what I was looking for. Once I arrived I found friends who owned a boutique in the Raval neighborhood and I started working with them. They helped me set up my studio, things just fell into place really quickly and now I feel like it is my home. I take a lot of inspiration from my experiences living here and from the city itself.
– Why did you decide to create the brand?
I decided to create my brand because I have always loved designing and I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could make a living on my own by selling my art.
– Where can we find your clothing?

Now Im selling online from my Etsy shop – as well as two boutiques in the center of Barcelona, Grey Street Barcelona (Calle Peu de la Creu 25), and Plhi (Calle Comtessa de Sobradiel, 10).

I hope to find more boutiques to stock in the near future!

– What do you find most difficult about having a brand?
Right now I’m managing all aspects of my brand, everything from designing, production, marketing, and communications. At this time I find it hard to keep up with the marketing, social networking, and business side of things, I’m naturally an artist so these things don’t come as naturally to me and I have to learn new skills all the time to keep up with the growth of my brand.
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– Do you accept custom orders?

Yes I do! You can send me an email though my etsy shop or to

– What kinds of clothes to you make?

At the moment I’m focusing on my lingerie collection, but I also make swimwear and dresses made from antique fabrics.

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– What kind of audience wears your brand?
I sell to a wide range of women all over the world! The majority of my customers are women between the ages of 16-50, in all sizes and body types.
– Tell us about your latest collection?
For my most recent lingerie collection, I really tried to focus on creating for women living in society today. The collection is inspired by my recent experiences living in Barcelona, I wanted to create something as an alternative to the modern view of women and sexuality around the world. I want the women wearing my brand to feel their feminine beauty, feel empowered and completely free of all social expectations.
– Is there any story behind Aniela Parys Designs?
I hope that my brand and my story will inspire people to follow their dreams! Moving country as an independent artist was always my dream. It is a huge project that comes with a lot of obstacles that I still face every day. Even so I keep working towards my goals and learn new things every day. Hopefully I can inspire more young people to be brave, follow their passions and work hard for the things they want to achieve in life.